Posted 8/29/2017

This Mercury retrograde is kinda strange and intense. I usually anticipate retrogrades and adjust accordingly so as not to drive myself crazy. But this one is a little different. This retrograde is going to touch the (United States') eclipse point of 8/21/2017 on September 3rd! The affect of this eclipse will last for about 3 years.
This will really be interesting because Trump is a Gemini (Mercury Ruled and he has a natal out-of-bounds Mercury meaning he can't control himself when he speaks) and this is going to affect his ascendant (his body and who he thinks he is) and his Mars (vitality)! And then, at nearly the same time, transiting Mars will cross over it all. That is NOT good. We’ll see what happens. If I was giving him a reading, I would tell him he’s about to have a serious challenge to his status (presidency) and/or to watch his health. He's also about to do or say something he will probably regret.
He’s taking a trip to Houston. And about Houston -
Isn’t it interesting that one of the reddest states in the union now needs the help of so many? Humbling isn’t it? That is how Spirit works. It is taming the egos of many. I would say this will help awaken people to a more humanitarian consciousness but we're repeating what happened 12 years ago with Katrina almost to the day. That's a Jupiter cycle! That means an expansion of consciousness and higher teaching is beckoning, but it could be painful if ignored, as it was with Katrina. It is also interesting that Mexico offered to help the flood victims while the mega-church of Joel Osteen had to be shamed into opening its doors to their neighbors.
Watch for disasters in other parts of Texas. Their karma is due or should I say our karma is due since they are part of our consciousness too. With the rise in our spiritual consciousness, we cannot leave behind parts of ourselves. Everyone has to rise together. We are one.
It should also be noted that Houston, TX was incorporated as a city on June 5, 1837. It is a Mercury ruled city with a Sun at 14 degrees Gemini and is experiencing this Mercury retrograde in a dramatic way.
It also has:
Mercury at 16 Gemini
Venus 19 Gemini
Chiron at 15 Gemini
Houston’s issues are Pluto related. Pluto rules transformation, debts, and death. Transiting Pluto is inconjunct that Gemini cluster of planets in Houston's chart. That can bring sickness, the need for adjustment, a cleansing and transformation of old habits and thinking, debts to pay and tragedies. Houston's Mars (2 degrees Virgo also ruled by Mercury) is conjunct the eclipse point. Currently, transiting Pluto is squaring natal Pluto at 16 Aries. It’s a volatile situation. It can be transformative and enlightening if they (we) raise consciousness. Mars hasn’t transited that point yet but it seems Houston is going to get another hit when it does transit that sensitive point in early September. Rebuilding will take years and here's a warning - if they choose to rebuild and not raise their consciousness it will be difficult for them.
On the spiritual side, everything is energy. Our anger, fears, bigotry, and egos are causing the natural energies of the planet to be unsettled. Some will say this concept is silly. We would like to think that one has nothing to do with the other, but that is a not true and part of us knows it. Thought are things. The thinking of many in Texas is uncompromisingly extreme, more so than most parts of the country. And, Texas also has the most extreme weather patterns according to NBC News. See the list below.
I vividly remember being in a channeled session and the teacher, Iris, stated that if Karla Tucker was executed, there would be no mercy for Texas. It was chilling to hear. If you remember, she was convicted of murder but had converted. She was on Larry King, CNN and other shows telling her story. Karla had raised her consciousness as we all will and some said you could see the light beaming from her. However, governor George Bush wouldn't pardon her even after pleas from religious leaders, politicians, etc. Family members of the deceased wanted her life spared. She wasn't asking to be released from prison, just not to be executed. However, Karla Tucker was executed in February 1998. They said she was at peace and had a smile on her face as she was being executed. She told the people there that she was going to meet Jesus.
Texas needs your prayers on so many levels. We are all responsible.

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible".......Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, aphorist and poet



Posted 8/8/2017

More about the eclipse on August 21st



Posted 7/26/2017

I thought I'd write this post to address an issue that has been scaring people recently. A lot of people have been contacting me about the unusual physical symptoms they have been feeling. No, you aren't crazy, nor are you making it up. The symptoms are real. First of all, workers of the light already know we are in a transition period. The vibrational energy is rising rapidly and physically it is affecting those that are ready, willing and have been spiritually preparing (consciously or not) to move on to the next dimension. How fast this transition period will be has yet to be revealed. It could be hours or decades in our consciousness since time is an illusion. What form the next dimension will take has yet to be revealed but those of the light are being 'prepped' to move on.  Don't resist it and no, you can’t stop it. You have grown through numerous incarnations to get to this point and are now growing into the next phase of development. The physical issues will subside and become manageable. Unfortunately, the energy sped up so quickly that our bodies didn’t have the needed time to adjust.  Those that trained with me have been aware of this period for years.  This eclipse is part of the transitional process as are those in power guided by the darkness.  Both forces will push us into the light.  Be patient with yourselves and the process. 


Posted 7/20/2017

Courtesy of NASA, here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Solar Eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017.  This is called the "United States Eclipse" because it bisects the country.  Astrologically, the country that is in the path of the eclipse is affected most.  This is true for any eclipse.  This eclipse is 'ours'.  Energy is stirred up - which is hard to believe considering the events of the last year.   The energy will last for 3 years.

If you know anything about astrology and want to see what area in your life will be affected, find 29 degrees Leo in your chart and expect changes over the next 3 years.






Posted 6/4/2017

Posted 5/2/2017

I was just at an astrology conference and there is surprising agreement among astrologers.  It doesn't look like Trump will finish his term. Some only gave him 2 years in office.  Not surprising is that the astrology panel and others at the conference didn't agree on how he will leave.  Some said impeachment while others said health.  Some said he could even walk away while others leaned more towards violence.  No matter how you feel about his exit, that would leave Pence.  Powerful republicans wanted him in office and used Trump to get him there.  We're in for a constitutional crisis over the next 2 years that will rock the foundation of democracy.  More to come..........

Posted 2/2/2017

For those interested in a video on Trump's impact on the US, the economy, and the stock market, I'm in the process of working on it.  I'll do it in shorter videos than the first video.  It's taking me a while because it has quite a few twists and turns and while I'd like to be optimistic, it's hard.  First I suggest that you take a look at the first video about Trump's chart and what motivates him.  He is as self-absorbed and insecure as you may have surmised yourself from what you've seen.  Spiritually, think about it this way - here is a soul that has never exhibited compassion, love, or any kind of selflessness in many incarnations.  In this incarnation he will learn that lesson and how to serve humankind.  Some egos are harder to temper than others.  Some have to have their egos crushed on a public stage in order to learn the value of humility and service.  This is Trump's lesson.  While it may be hard to have compassion for him, he has a troubled soul and we're all part of his karmic drama.  We all have a lesson and a part to play in this.  Hint:  His 'friends' are his enemies.   


My Apology

Posted November 9, 2016)

I don't know about you but I'm taking a deep breath after yesterday. At least the commercials and phone calls will finally stop. I have to apologize to everyone for getting emotional and unbelievably hopeful that Clinton would win despite astrological evidence to the contrary. I stated it correctly in 2015 - Trump has the stronger chart of the two. You can tell from my post on Monday that I wasn't too optimistic about Clinton's chances although I said she would win despite not having a reliable birth time. That was unprofessional of me. I apologize for that - lesson learned. All is in Divine Order and we will find our way again.
At this point I advise everyone to go within and center yourselves. We're in for a very rocky ride - and that's not coming from emotion.



*An Astrological Update*

(Posted November 7, 2016)

Astrologers are getting a bad rap in this election…

In response to those asking me who will win the election, I just want to say it’s not black and white.  Astrologers have been getting a bum rap and people have been saying nasty things about astrologers.  I can understand why but there's not reason to get nasty. There's a lot at stake in this election both spiritually and on the mundane level.  I'll try to keep the 'astrology-ese' to a minimum.    

Here’s the facts:  Astrologers know Donald Trump’s birth information from his birth certificate – a reliable source.  It is public.  The problem is that Hillary Clinton has not released her birth time.  We do know the birth date; however, the time of birth is very important for predictions such as election results. Maybe it was never recorded.  Maybe she wants to keep it private (typical Scorpio behavior).  Whatever the case may be, it’s unfortunate.  We don’t have the data to work with.  Sources say she mentioned 8 pm to her autobiographer.  Personally (and some others agree) that chart doesn’t fit.  Others have rectified her chart and arrived at two ‘acceptable’ times.  Well, using any of those sources, Clinton’s chances don’t look very good.  However, we don't have to use the birth information in this case. There are other chart types to use.  In those charts her chances look a lot better for both her and the democrats.  Last year I also said Trump’s chart was strong for this election.  I got a lot of criticism because of it.  People didn’t take my prediction seriously back then.  Would anyone but an astrologer believe he could have gotten this far in the election process? 

What doesn't make sense to me is that Barack Obama made his birth certificate public even before the birther fiasco.  Bill Clinton had his mother publicly state the day and time he was born to the press.  Both Bushes made their information public.   Why not release the time?  Okay.  I'll get off my soap box.  But having reliable birth data was an easy way for me to accurately predict the last 8 elections, so forgive me if I'm a little ticked.  It has made me work harder.

Despite having to work at this more, I still enjoy watching our election process move our nation’s consciousness.  However, no matter what the outcome is, there will be a lot of confusion around this election and the election results.  There will also be lots of deceit to work through – but you already knew that didn’t you?  By the end of this voting process, the American voters will be in a fog.  We will still be in a fog for some time to come.  But you knew that too.  By all perspectives, this has been a very, very long election process.

A Spiritual Perspective

First let me go back to a previous post from the 2008 election.  All nations, as a group consciousness are working through their own karmic lessons. Each of us incarnated in a country to work on and be a part of that karmic lesson.  That means that the nation’s karma is part of your personal karma also.  Like it or not, you spiritually contracted for it.      

During the 2008 election, Americans made a choice as to which karmic lesson we, as a nation, were going to take on. That’s not unusual. Each president of the United States (and any leader for that matter) takes on the task of resolving at least one of the nation’s karmic debts. 


In 2008, the last 3 candidates still standing were McCain who represented ageism, Clinton who represented sexism, and Obama who represented racism.  At that time, America chose racism as its lesson.  Let’s face it no matter how we try to ignore it, make excuses for it, dress it up, or throw money at it, racism has been ingrained in the American culture since the colonies.  Obama brought out the ugly underbelly of the American consciousness not because he personally did anything reprehensible, but because that was the lesson we chose as a collective consciousness to deal with for our own individual spiritual growth.  The anger and frustration were always there but now it had a focus – a biracial president.  The racial issue isn't one sided.  It goes both ways.  Not only will we have to deal with our actions, but we also have to deal with our thoughts. At this time acts are being caught on video.  The videos of police brutality are undeniably in our faces and we have to somehow deal with that type of consciousness. We’ll be working on that karmic lesson for quite some time or until it is refocused.  Hopefully we won't let the opportunity pass.  Clinton, if elected, will continue with this process and add sexism to the karmic lesson - another facet of bigotry. 

Moving forward in time to this 2016 election, America has another choice for its upcoming karmic lesson – the masculine vs. the feminine consciousness.  Trump represents a time when the male consciousness dominated.  Clinton represents the rising up of feminine power. That is a threat to all patriarchal societies globally. If elected, she won't have an easy time.

Haven’t you noticed the growing number of global programs (Clinton and Gates Foundations) and spokespeople stepping up to talk about, to educate, and protect women and girls?   Women are speaking up against abusers (like Cosby).  Some men are begrudgingly having to learn how to treat women more respectfully.  The world is evolving and embracing the Age of Aquarius which is a feminine energy even though the astrological sign is masculine (Some say it is neutral).  The Age of Aquarius is about equality.  Everyone has a voice.  Everyone is responsible for themselves and their brothers and sisters.  If we are to survive as a species, that's the way we need to go.  If you ever come to a fork in the road, think about the principles of the Age of Aquarius and you won't go wrong.  Here is a 2015 list of female leaders in the world.

Also, think about Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's answer when he was asked why his cabinet is made up of 50% women.  He emphatically stated, “Because it’s 2015.”  That's is the Aquarian Spirit!

Spiritually speaking, all roads lead back to The ALL (God) and no matter what happens, it is all in Divine Order.  Whatever you do, don’t fear the outcome. You’ve gone through rough times before and survived.  Donald Trump's rise to power would mean a harder road than with Clinton.  But, it is not only republicans that are to blame for his rise, it is the fault of all of us.  We live in a country where most eligible voters do not participate.  The right to vote is a right for which my ancestors were denied and died for me to have.  We take our system of government for granted as well as the rights that government has bestowed upon us.  We never stop to think it can all be taken away.  We've even been convinced that our vote doesn't count.  If your vote didn't count, why are so many republican states trying to restrict voting rights?  Are there any democratic leaning states trying to do so? Right now, 50% of the voters do not agree on the path we need to take forward.  One consciousness cannot leave behind 50% of itself.

From Trump’s chart, he doesn’t like day to day responsibilities.  He doesn’t want to work hard.  He will work if the result makes his life easier or richer.  He has a need to own, possess, and acquire things to have people look up to him. He will pass off the actual duties of the presidency to Pence if he wins. He wants the title and likes the game.  He likes to win high stakes gambles and to prove others wrong.  If he loses, he will not bow out gracefully.  He so much has said so. His ego won’t allow it. In addition, he has an out-of-bounds Mercury making him speak without thinking and say outlandish things.  He literally can’t shut up.  Losing will stoke his combative attitude towards government, regulations, and laws that he thinks were put in place that hinder his plans.  Yes, he thinks the rules shouldn’t apply to him.  Mars is conjunct his natal ascendant in Leo giving him the need to be the center of attention and ready to fight any challenger.  Uranus conjunct his natal Sun will make him unpredictable. That can be good or bad.  Don’t fool yourselves – republicans may say they don’t want him in office, but on election day they will hold their noses and support him. Ted Cruz recently endorsed him - go figure that one!

From the information we can glean from Clinton’s chart without a correct time of birth, she would have trouble unifying the country.  People don’t trust her and will want to keep their distance even if there is no verifiable reason.  She's a Scorpio.  She has Mercury and Venus in Scorpio as well.  She is a very hard worker for transformational change.  I wouldn’t stand in her way if she wants something.  She’ll be very loyal but don’t cross her.  She can have a tender side but you may miss it.  She’ll keep it hidden.  As I said before, she is one tough cookie.  Her Mercury/Venus conjunction will make her appeal to women and know what to say and when to say it.  I don’t mean that in a manipulative way, but she has social skills which Trump lacks.  She has a temper like Trump but has more refinement and control over herself.  She too is seeking to reform government and will devote her energy to it.  In the White House, she won’t be forthcoming with information.  Information may come on a need to know basis which will lead to problems.  Mystery surrounds Scorpios.  Even if their lives are an open book you still ‘feel’ that she is hiding something therefore making trust an issue.  I’m not surprised about the constant questions concerning her emails. 

As a defense mechanism, Scorpios tend to work behind the scenes with a small circle of trusted people.  They get their well analyzed strategies formed, build a strong defense and then present themselves to the public ready for any opposition.  The secrecy is unsettling to outsiders because they weren’t part of the decision-making process but that's how Scorpios work.  It's not good or bad, it just is.

Bottom line, I think Clinton will be the first female US president even though it will be only one term.  Don't expect Trump to go away.  He'll be back especially since he came so close.  He'll be better prepared next time.  What will we call Bill Clinton?  First Gentleman?


Get out and VOTE!




June 2015

Just an astrological note of interest:

In astrology, I've heard and seen many times that no US president has ever been elected to office without a major aspect of Saturn (government) to their natal (birth) Sun or natal Saturn.  Several professional astrologers now say that 'rule' is no longer valid since Bush was put into office by the Supreme Court, but Bush had it also. We'll be able to verify the 'rule' in this election.

Below is a list of the presidential front runners (and some of personal interest).  Historically, if you don't have an aspect, you don't have a chance.  If you do have it, then the rest of the chart comes into play.  The smaller the orb of influence (fewer degrees) the stronger the likelihood of being president.  I'm going to wait until the field has narrowed down significantly before I study this further.  Make of it what you will.  Birth dates are from various web sources (unverified).  Here's the list -


***Carly Fiorina - Square (within 1 degree!!!)

***Donald Trump - Opposition to the Sun (within 8 degrees) and an Inconjunct to Saturn (within 6 degrees)

***Bernie Sanders - Square (within 1 degree!!!)

***Ben Carson - Wide Trine (within 9 degrees)

***Marco Rubio - Wide Opposition (within 8 degrees)

***Michael Bloomberg - Wide Sextile (within 11 degrees)

***Hillary Clinton - No aspect to the Sun but a Trine to natal Saturn (within 6 degrees)

Martin O'Malley - no aspect

Joe Biden - no aspect

Elizabeth Warren - no aspect

Ted Cruz - no aspect

Jeb Bush - no major aspect






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Thank you for being there with me!

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"Your efforts make our community a better place and we want you know that your work is recognized and deeply appreciated.  To give a better idea of the impact you’ve had, here is a quote from a student about your class: “The instructor knows what she is teaching and is able to present the material well.”  Thanks so much for sharing your valuable expertise with our students!........Steve Bodger  Community Education Coordinator, Lake Harriet MN 


Radio Interview with Dr. Gayle (The Spunky Old Broad)

"I loved your webinar, Lynn, and will be playing it again taking notes! Thank you for sharing it. Unfortunately, many of your comments hit home relative to Trump's observed behavior and and communication. May I add this on my Facebook?
Thank you so much for your wonderful new year's gift of a Tarot reading. I learned a lot and have typed it up to place on my desk. Many years ago you did a reading for me and some of that insight continues to help me today." Mary Ortiz, Minnesota

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